[PATCH net] mptcp: Do not return EINPROGRESS when subflow creation succeeds

Mat Martineau posted 1 patch 2 months ago
Patches applied successfully (tree, apply log)
git fetch https://github.com/multipath-tcp/mptcp_net-next tags/patchew/20220725205231.87529-1-mathew.j.martineau@linux.intel.com
Maintainers: Mat Martineau <mathew.j.martineau@linux.intel.com>, Kishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>, Eric Dumazet <edumazet@google.com>, Florian Westphal <fw@strlen.de>, Paolo Abeni <pabeni@redhat.com>, Matthieu Baerts <matthieu.baerts@tessares.net>, Peter Krystad <peter.krystad@linux.intel.com>, Jakub Kicinski <kuba@kernel.org>, "David S. Miller" <davem@davemloft.net>
net/mptcp/subflow.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
[PATCH net] mptcp: Do not return EINPROGRESS when subflow creation succeeds
Posted by Mat Martineau 2 months ago
New subflows are created within the kernel using O_NONBLOCK, so
EINPROGRESS is the expected return value from kernel_connect().
__mptcp_subflow_connect() has the correct logic to consider EINPROGRESS
to be a successful case, but it has also used that error code as its
return value.

Before v5.19 this was benign: all the callers ignored the return
value. Starting in v5.19 there is a MPTCP_PM_CMD_SUBFLOW_CREATE generic
netlink command that does use the return value, so the EINPROGRESS gets
propagated to userspace.

Make __mptcp_subflow_connect() always return 0 on success instead.

Fixes: ec3edaa7ca6c ("mptcp: Add handling of outgoing MP_JOIN requests")
Fixes: 702c2f646d42 ("mptcp: netlink: allow userspace-driven subflow establishment")
Acked-by: Paolo Abeni <pabeni@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Mat Martineau <mathew.j.martineau@linux.intel.com>

Note: The original author of ec3edaa7ca6c is no longer reachable at that
email address.

 net/mptcp/subflow.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/net/mptcp/subflow.c b/net/mptcp/subflow.c
index 63e8892ec807..af28f3b60389 100644
--- a/net/mptcp/subflow.c
+++ b/net/mptcp/subflow.c
@@ -1533,7 +1533,7 @@ int __mptcp_subflow_connect(struct sock *sk, const struct mptcp_addr_info *loc,
 	mptcp_sock_graft(ssk, sk->sk_socket);
 	WRITE_ONCE(msk->allow_infinite_fallback, false);
-	return err;
+	return 0;

base-commit: 9af0620de1e118666881376f6497d1785758b04c

Re: mptcp: Do not return EINPROGRESS when subflow creation succeeds: Tests Results
Posted by MPTCP CI 2 months ago
Hi Mat,

Thank you for your modifications, that's great!

Our CI did some validations and here is its report:

- KVM Validation: normal:
  - Unstable: 1 failed test(s): selftest_mptcp_join 🔴:
  - Task: https://cirrus-ci.com/task/5587014698401792
  - Summary: https://api.cirrus-ci.com/v1/artifact/task/5587014698401792/summary/summary.txt

- KVM Validation: debug:
  - Unstable: 1 failed test(s): selftest_mptcp_join 🔴:
  - Task: https://cirrus-ci.com/task/5503009298841600
  - Summary: https://api.cirrus-ci.com/v1/artifact/task/5503009298841600/summary/summary.txt

Initiator: Patchew Applier
Commits: https://github.com/multipath-tcp/mptcp_net-next/commits/22f5cd0965a5

If there are some issues, you can reproduce them using the same environment as
the one used by the CI thanks to a docker image, e.g.:

    $ cd [kernel source code]
    $ docker run -v "${PWD}:${PWD}:rw" -w "${PWD}" --privileged --rm -it \
        --pull always mptcp/mptcp-upstream-virtme-docker:latest \

For more details:


Please note that despite all the efforts that have been already done to have a
stable tests suite when executed on a public CI like here, it is possible some
reported issues are not due to your modifications. Still, do not hesitate to
help us improve that ;-)

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