Using Patchew Search

The general form of search string is a list of terms separated with space:


Each term can be either a plain keyword, or a predict in the form of PRED:EXP, where PRED is the predefined filter and EXP is the parameters to be applied to the filter. As a simple example:

bugfix from:Bob to:George age:>1w

to search emails titled as 'bugfix' (a subject keyword filter) from Bob (a sender filter) to George (a recipient filter) before 1 week ago (an age filter).


bugfix from:Bob is:reviewed not:obsoleted

to search all emails from Bob that have "bugfix" in subject, and have been reviewed but is not obsoleted (by a new revision of this series). Because there are syntax shortcut for some predicts, it can be simplified as:

from:Bob fix +reviewed -tested

Supported filter types

Search by age

  • Syntax: age:AGE
  • Syntax: >AGE
  • Syntax: <AGE

Filter by age of the message. Supports "d" (day), "w" (week), "m" (month) and "y" (year) as units. Examples:

  • age:1d
  • age:>2d
  • age:<1w
  • <1m
  • >1w

Search by series state


  • is:reviewed - all the patches in the series is reviewed
  • is:obsolete or is:old - the series has newer version
  • is:complete - the series has all the patches it contains
  • is:merged - the series is included in the project's git tree
  • is:pull - the series is a pull request
  • has:replies - the series received a reply (apart from patches sent by the submitter)



Search addresses

  • Syntax: from:ADDRESS
  • Syntax: to:ADDRESS

Compare the address info of message. Example:

from:alice to:bob

Reverse condition

  • Syntax: !TERM

Negative of an expression. Example:

!is:reviewed     (query series that are not reviewed)
!has:replies     (query series that have not received any comment)

Search by message id

  • Syntax: id:MESSAGE-ID

Exact match of message-id. Example:



Search by text

  • Syntax: KEYWORD

Search text keyword in the email message. Example: