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Status Subject Author
[PATCH 0/2] selftests/nolibc: run-user improvements Thomas Weißschuh 53 years, 5 months from now
? [PATCH v3 0/2] fix logical errors for BX-59A 19 years, 3 months from now
? [PATCH v2 0/2] fix logic errors in BX-59A 19 years, 3 months from now
? [PATCH 0/1] gpio-f7188x: fix base values conflicts with other gpio pins 18 years, 8 months from now
[PATCH net 0/2] Fix port mirroring on MT7530 DSA subdriver Arınç ÜNAL via B4 Relay 23 minutes ago
[PATCH] HID: hid-debug: add EV_FF and FF_STATUS mappings Thomas Kuehne 46 minutes ago
[PATCH] HID: hid-debug: more informative output for EV_KEY Thomas Kuehne an hour ago
[PATCH] drm/panthor: Add defer probe for firmware load Andy Yan an hour ago
[PATCH] Fix volumn control of ThinkBook 16P Gen4 an hour ago
[PATCH] Logitech Anywhere 3SB support 3 hours ago
[PATCH v2] of: property: Add fw_devlink support for interrupt-map property Anup Patel 4 hours ago
R [PATCH 0/2] Add ST33KTPM2XI2C chip to the TPM TIS I2C driver M. Haener 6 hours ago
[PATCH] irqchip/riscv-imsic: Fix boot time update effective affinity warning Anup Patel 6 hours ago
[PATCH v5 0/2] Add hantro g1 video decoder support for RK3588 Jianfeng Liu 6 hours ago
[PATCH v1 0/1] soundwire: qcom: disable stop clock on 1.3.0 and below Anton Bambura 6 hours ago
[PATCH] include/linux/bitops.h: Fix function fns Chin-Chun Chen 7 hours ago
O [PATCH] include/linux/bitops.h: Fix function fns Chin-Chun Chen 7 hours ago
[PATCH net-next v7] virtio_net: Support RX hash XDP hint Liang Chen 9 hours ago
[RFC PATCH v1] perf pmu: Assume sysfs events are always lowercase Ian Rogers 9 hours ago
[PATCH RFCv1 00/14] Add Tegra241 (Grace) CMDQV Support (part 2/2) Nicolin Chen 9 hours ago
[PATCH] block: fix bio_copy_user_iov() for SG_DXFER_TO_FROM_DEV case Mingming Gu 9 hours ago
[PATCH v5 0/6] Add Tegra241 (Grace) CMDQV Support (part 1/2) Nicolin Chen 9 hours ago
[PATCH] drm/i915/guc: Fix UB due to signed int overflow Dmitrii Bundin 10 hours ago
[PATCH 0/3] crypto: x86/aes-xts - additional tuning Eric Biggers 10 hours ago
[PATCH v3 0/4] zswap same-filled and limit checking cleanups Yosry Ahmed 11 hours ago
[PATCH v2] mm/shrinker: add SHRINKER_NO_DIRECT_RECLAIM 11 hours ago
[PATCH net 0/4] selftests/net/tcp_ao: A bunch of fixes for TCP-AO selftests Dmitry Safonov via B4 Relay 11 hours ago
[PATCH v2] jbd2: avoid mount failed when commit block is partial submitted Ye Bin 11 hours ago
[PATCH v17 00/21] Integrity Policy Enforcement LSM (IPE) Fan Wu 12 hours ago
[PATCH v6 00/11] IOMMU memory observability Pasha Tatashin 13 hours ago
[PATCH] drm/mst: Fix NULL pointer dereference in drm_dp_add_payload_part2 (again) Jeff Mahoney 13 hours ago
[PATCH v6 0/2] mm/madvise: enhance lazyfreeing with mTHP in madvise_free Lance Yang 13 hours ago
R [PATCH] crypto: x86/aesni-xts - deduplicate aesni_xts_enc() and aesni_xts_dec() Eric Biggers 13 hours ago
? RE: [PATCH net-next v8 0/3] Add minimal XDP support to TI AM65 CPSW Ethernet driver Keller, Jacob E 13 hours ago
[PATCH] iio: adc: ad7944: Consolidate spi_sync() wrapper David Lechner 14 hours ago
R [RESEND PATCH] xfs: Fix typo in comment Thorsten Blum 14 hours ago
[PATCH] spi: axi-spi-engine: fix version format string David Lechner 14 hours ago
R [RESEND PATCH] ext4: Remove unneeded if checks before kfree Thorsten Blum 14 hours ago
[PATCH] arm64: dts: qcom: Split PMU nodes for heterogeneous CPUs Rob Herring 14 hours ago
[PATCH] arm64: dts: sprd: Split PMU nodes for heterogeneous CPUs Rob Herring 14 hours ago
[PATCH] arm/arm64: dts: Drop "arm,armv8-pmuv3" compatible usage Rob Herring 14 hours ago
[RESEND PATCH] m68k: amiga: Use str_plural() to fix Coccinelle warning Thorsten Blum 15 hours ago
[RESEND PATCH] raid6test: Use str_plural() to fix Coccinelle warning Thorsten Blum 15 hours ago
[RFC PATCH v5 00/16] Perf stat metric grouping with hardware information 16 hours ago
[RFC PATCH bpf-next v3 0/2] Replace mono_delivery_time with tstamp_type Abhishek Chauhan 16 hours ago
[PATCH 0/6] input: use device_for_each_child_node_scoped() Javier Carrasco 16 hours ago
[PATCH] arm64: dts: rockchip: helios4: Fix USB interface compatible string Rob Herring 16 hours ago
[PATCH v4 0/2] Add initial ARM MHUv3 mailbox support Cristian Marussi 17 hours ago
R [PATCH v2] kbuild: buildtar: Add explicit 32-bit arm support Calvin Owens 17 hours ago
[PATCH] sched/fair: fix dlserver duplicate start and stop Vineeth Pillai (Google) 18 hours ago