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Status Subject Author
[PATCH] cpu/hotplug: check the return value of idle_thread_get Chao Liu 10 months, 1 week from now
[PATCH] net: ethernet: ti: am65-cpsw: Fix fwnode passed to phylink_create() Siddharth Vadapalli 9 minutes ago
[PATCH] rtc: rzn1: Fix inconsistent IS_ERR and PTR_ERR Haowen Bai 25 minutes ago
[PATCH v4 00/11] Use obj_cgroup APIs to charge the LRU pages Muchun Song 29 minutes ago
[PATCH] vdpa: ifcvf: set pci driver data in probe Jason Wang 39 minutes ago
[PATCH v2] of: check previous kernel's ima-kexec-buffer against memory bounds Vaibhav Jain 44 minutes ago
[PATCH] powerpc/64s: Only set HAVE_ARCH_UNMAPPED_AREA when CONFIG_PPC_64S_HASH_MMU is set Christophe Leroy 53 minutes ago
[PATCH] powerpc/xics: Include missing header Christophe Leroy an hour ago
[PATCH] mtd: Fix deadlock caused by cancel_work_sync in sm_release Duoming Zhou an hour ago
[PATCH v7 0/5] Add TDX Guest Attestation support Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan 2 hours ago
[PATCH] media: mediatek: vcodec: Use kmemdup rather than kmalloc/memcpy Haowen Bai 2 hours ago
[PATCH v2] gpio: vr41xx: Use spurious_interrupt() and export it to modules Genjian Zhang 3 hours ago
[PATCH V2] octeon_ep: Remove unnecessary cast Haowen Bai 3 hours ago
R [PATCH v2] arm64: dts: mt7986: add built-in Wi-Fi device nodes Peter Chiu 3 hours ago
[PATCH] amba: fix refcount underflow if amba_device_add() fails Kefeng Wang 3 hours ago
[PATCH] LoongArch: take size of pointed value, not pointer Haowen Bai 3 hours ago
[PATCH] LoongArch: Fix unsigned function returning negative constant Haowen Bai 3 hours ago
R [PATCH v2 -next] drm/panel: Fix build error when CONFIG_DRM_PANEL_SAMSUNG_ATNA33XC20=y && CONFIG_DRM_DISPLAY_HELPER=m gaochao 3 hours ago
[PATCH v2 0/2] MIPS: Modify early_parse_mem() Tiezhu Yang 4 hours ago
R [PATCH bpf v2] bpf: fix probe read error in ___bpf_prog_run() 4 hours ago
linux-next: manual merge of the net-next tree with the net tree Stephen Rothwell 4 hours ago
[PATCH] f2fs: allow compression for mmap files in compress_mode=user Sungjong Seo 5 hours ago
[PATCH v3 0/2] Add no-idle tasks check which in dyntick-idle state Zqiang 6 hours ago
[PATCH] watchdog: change "char *" string form to "char []" Yu Zhe 6 hours ago
[RFC PATCH v2 00/20] arm64: livepatch: Use ORC for dynamic frame pointer validation 6 hours ago
[PATCH v2] cpuidle: haltpoll: Add trace points for guest_halt_poll_ns grow/shrink Eiichi Tsukata 6 hours ago
O [PATCH v9 00/12] Improve PMU support Atish Patra 6 hours ago
[PATCH] leds: qcom-lpg: Require pattern to follow documentation Bjorn Andersson 6 hours ago
[PATCH] mailbox: qcom-ipcc: Fix -Wunused-function with CONFIG_PM_SLEEP=n Nathan Chancellor 7 hours ago
[PATCH] Input: mtk-pmic-keys - use single update when configuring long press behavior Dmitry Torokhov 8 hours ago
[PATCH] Input: mtk-pmic-keys - allow compiling with COMPILE_TEST Dmitry Torokhov 8 hours ago
[PATCH] usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix IN endpoint max packet size allocation Wesley Cheng 8 hours ago
[PATCH 0/9] drm/msm/dsi_phy: Replace parent names with clk_hw pointers Marijn Suijten 8 hours ago
[PATCH bpf-next v2] libbpf: also check /sys/kernel/tracing for tracefs files Connor O'Brien 9 hours ago
[PATCH v2] cgroups: separate destroy_work into two separate wq Tadeusz Struk 9 hours ago
[PATCH v6 0/3] LoadPin: Enable loading from trusted dm-verity devices Matthias Kaehlcke 9 hours ago
[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Add myself as a reviewer for Qualcomm ARM/64 support Konrad Dybcio 9 hours ago
[PATCH] mm/daemon: describe NR_DAMON_OPS in damon_ops_id Khalid Masum 9 hours ago
[PATCH -next] drm/msm: DRM_DP_AUX_BUS depends on OF Randy Dunlap 9 hours ago
[PATCH] bpftool: mmaped fields missing map structure in generated skeletons Michael Mullin 10 hours ago
[PATCH ipsec v2] Revert "net: af_key: add check for pfkey_broadcast in function pfkey_process" Michal Kubecek 10 hours ago
[PATCH] gcc-plugins: Require utsrelease.h before scripts target Kees Cook 10 hours ago
[PATCH] Check for NULL ptr of btf in codegen_asserts Michael Mullin 10 hours ago
[PATCH] s390/uv_uapi: depend on CONFIG_S390 Paolo Bonzini 11 hours ago
[PATCH] KVM: debugfs: expose pid of vcpu threads Vineeth Pillai (Google) 11 hours ago
[PATCH] nfsd: destroy percpu stats counters after reply cache shutdown Julian Schroeder 11 hours ago
[PATCH v3] staging: greybus: Fix indentation in fw-management.c Uri Arev 12 hours ago
[PATCH v2] Documentation: admin-guide: pm: Add Out of Band mode Srinivas Pandruvada 12 hours ago
[PATCH] kbuild: replace $(if A,A,B) with $(or A,B) in scripts/Makefile.modpost Masahiro Yamada 12 hours ago
[PATCH v2] selftests/sgx: add test_encl.elf to TEST_GEN_FILES Jarkko Sakkinen 12 hours ago