RE: [PATCH v2 0/4] P2M improvements for Arm

Henry Wang posted 4 patches 1 week, 6 days ago
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RE: [PATCH v2 0/4] P2M improvements for Arm
Posted by Henry Wang 1 week, 6 days ago
Hi everyone,

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> Subject: [PATCH v2 0/4] P2M improvements for Arm
> There are some clean-up/improvement work that can be done in the
> Arm P2M code triggered by [1] and [2]. These were found at the 4.17
> code freeze period so the issues were not fixed at that time.
> Therefore do the follow-ups here.
> Patch#1 addresses one comment in [1]. It was sent earlier and reviewed
> once. Pick the updated version, i.e. "[PATCH v2] xen/arm: Reduce
> redundant clear root pages when teardown p2m", to this series.
> Patch#2 is a new patch based on v1 comments, this is a pre-requisite
> patch for patch#3 where the deferring of GICv2 CPU interface mapping
> should also be applied for new vGIC.
> Patch#3 and #4 addresses the comment in [2] following the discussion
> between two possible options.
> [1]
> [2]
> v1 -> v2:
> 1. Move in-code comment for p2m_force_tlb_flush_sync() on top of
>    p2m_clear_root_pages().
> 2. Add a new patch as patch #2.
> 3. Correct style in in-code comment in patch #3.
> 4. Avoid open-coding gfn_eq() and gaddr_to_gfn(d->arch.vgic.cbase).
> 5. Apply same changes for the new vGICv2 implementation, update the
>    commit message accordingly.
> 6. Add in-code comment in old GICv2's vgic_v2_domain_init() and
>    new GICv2's vgic_v2_map_resources() to mention the mapping of the
>    virtual CPU interface is deferred until first access.
> 7. Add reviewed-by and acked-by tags accordingly.
> Henry Wang (4):
>   xen/arm: Reduce redundant clear root pages when teardown p2m
>   xen/arm: Rename vgic_cpu_base and vgic_dist_base for new vGIC
>   xen/arm: Defer GICv2 CPU interface mapping until the first access
>   xen/arm: Clean-up in p2m_init() and p2m_final_teardown()

Gentle ping of last 3 patches of this series as it has been a while. I
understand since we lost all arm32 boards in OSSTest so it is not likely
for a GICv2 series to progress, but this series passed our internal CI on
all GICv2 boards and it would be good to have some feedbacks so that
I can make the series ready to be committed before the arm32 boards
are re-added to OSSTest.

Thanks very much!

Kind regards,