[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/4] misc fixes to PV extentions code

Zhenzhong Duan posted 4 patches 47 weeks ago
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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/4] misc fixes to PV extentions code

Posted by Zhenzhong Duan 47 weeks ago

In virtualization environment, PV extensions (drivers, interrupts,
timers, etc) are enabled in the majority of use cases which is the
best option.

However, in some cases (kexec not fully working, benchmarking, etc)
we want to disable PV extensions. We have xen_nopv for that purpose
but only for XEN. For a consistent admin experience a common command
line parameter set across all PV guest implementations is a better

To achieve this introduce a new 'nopv' parameter which is usable by
most of PV guest implementation. Due to the limitation of some PV
guests(XEN PV, XEN PVH and jailhouse), 'nopv' is ignored for XEN PV
, jailhouse and XEN PVH if booting via Xen-PVH boot entry. If booting
via normal boot entry(like grub2), PVH guest has to panic itself

While analyzing the PV guest code one bug were found and fixed.
(Patches 1). It can be applied independent of the functional
changes, but is kept in the series as the functional changes
depend on them.

As I didn't got further comments from Jgross about remove 'xen_nopv',
so I presume he has no objection to that. In fact, I think no product
environment will use 'xen_nopv' for performance. Jgross, if you changed
mind to preserve it finally, just let me know.

I didn't get env to test with jailhouse and Hyperv, the others work
as expected.

Remove some unrelated patches from patchset as suggested by Tglx

PATCH1 unchanged
PATCH2 add Reviewed-by
PATCH3 add Reviewed-by
PATCH4 rewrite the patch as Jgross found an issue in old patch,
description is also updated.

PATCH3 use 'ignore_nopv' for PVH/PV guest as suggested by Jgross.
PATCH5 new added one, specifically for HVM guest


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