[PATCH] docs/user: Remove outdated 'Quick Start' section

Peter Maydell posted 1 patch 2 days, 6 hours ago
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[PATCH] docs/user: Remove outdated 'Quick Start' section

Posted by Peter Maydell 2 days, 6 hours ago
The 'Quick Start' section of the userspace emulator documentation is
very old and outdated. In particular:
 - it suggests running x86-on-x86 emulation, which is the least
   interesting possible use case
 - it recommends that users download tarballs of guest binaries
   from the QEMU web page which we no longer provide there

There's nothing salvageable here; delete it all.

Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
I'm open to suggestions that this is being too drastic;
the main aim here is to remove references to tar.gz files
that we haven't provided for years, as noted by
Ideally the whole of docs/user could use a lot of love...

 docs/user/main.rst | 61 ----------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 61 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/user/main.rst b/docs/user/main.rst
index bd99b0fdbe9..49ccae3ecab 100644
--- a/docs/user/main.rst
+++ b/docs/user/main.rst
@@ -45,67 +45,6 @@ emulator.
 Linux User space emulator
-Quick Start
-In order to launch a Linux process, QEMU needs the process executable
-itself and all the target (x86) dynamic libraries used by it.
--  On x86, you can just try to launch any process by using the native
-   libraries::
-      qemu-i386 -L / /bin/ls
-   ``-L /`` tells that the x86 dynamic linker must be searched with a
-   ``/`` prefix.
--  Since QEMU is also a linux process, you can launch QEMU with QEMU
-   (NOTE: you can only do that if you compiled QEMU from the sources)::
-      qemu-i386 -L / qemu-i386 -L / /bin/ls
--  On non x86 CPUs, you need first to download at least an x86 glibc
-   (``qemu-runtime-i386-XXX-.tar.gz`` on the QEMU web page). Ensure that
-   ``LD_LIBRARY_PATH`` is not set::
-      unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
-   Then you can launch the precompiled ``ls`` x86 executable::
-      qemu-i386 tests/i386/ls
-   You can look at ``scripts/qemu-binfmt-conf.sh`` so that QEMU is
-   automatically launched by the Linux kernel when you try to launch x86
-   executables. It requires the ``binfmt_misc`` module in the Linux
-   kernel.
--  The x86 version of QEMU is also included. You can try weird things
-   such as::
-      qemu-i386 /usr/local/qemu-i386/bin/qemu-i386 \
-                /usr/local/qemu-i386/bin/ls-i386
-Wine launch
--  Ensure that you have a working QEMU with the x86 glibc distribution
-   (see previous section). In order to verify it, you must be able to
-   do::
-      qemu-i386 /usr/local/qemu-i386/bin/ls-i386
--  Download the binary x86 Wine install (``qemu-XXX-i386-wine.tar.gz``
-   on the QEMU web page).
--  Configure Wine on your account. Look at the provided script
-   ``/usr/local/qemu-i386/bin/wine-conf.sh``. Your previous
-   ``${HOME}/.wine`` directory is saved to ``${HOME}/.wine.org``.
--  Then you can try the example ``putty.exe``::
-      qemu-i386 /usr/local/qemu-i386/wine/bin/wine \
-                /usr/local/qemu-i386/wine/c/Program\ Files/putty.exe
 Command line options