[Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] i2c: device passthrough HACK(!) & evaluation

Wolfram Sang posted 1 patch 31 weeks ago
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git fetch https://github.com/patchew-project/qemu tags/patchew/20180313200245.2350-1-wsa+renesas@sang-engineering.com
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hw/i2c/Makefile.objs |   2 +-
hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c | 110 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 111 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
create mode 100644 hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c

[Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] i2c: device passthrough HACK(!) & evaluation

Posted by Wolfram Sang 31 weeks ago
I was asked to investigate I2C device passthrough possibilities for QEMU
on Linux. The idea was to expose only a single device, not the whole
bus. There was no specific use case explained, so some decisions are
still to be made. E.g. I think the host-device should get its own
virtualized bus later, but I can't really tell yet.

This is my first contact with QEMU, so the patch is more like getting my
feet wet. I wouldn't even call it a proof-of-concept. However, while
working on this (which gets at least something done), I already gained
experiences which I would like to share here:

Full virtualization

Would be nice to have because it would work with all virtual I2C
adapters instantly, however there come problems with it. For that to
work, we would need to be able to transmit the QEMU I2C primitives from
userspace to the kernel. There is currently no such interface for that.
As of today, there is only the i2c-dev interface which allows to send
a complete transfer (which may consist of multiple, combined messages)
or SMBus commands. There is no way to send more primitive commands like
"send {start|stop|acknowledge}-bit". Even if there was, most hardware I
know of wouldn't work well with this. We often need a-priori knowledge
like length of the message to program the controller. Such information
is not available when working with such primitives. On top of that, that
approach would cause quite some overhead, so performance regressions for
drivers which use other devices on the same bus are likely.


From what I understood so far, virtio could help here. Yes, we would
need separate drivers, yet data transfer could be super simple. If we
had a simple virtio-PCI I2C master device, it could have a really simple
kernel driver. It basically takes the I2C transfer it gets, does some
sanity checking so no other devices are accessed, and then passes it
to the kernel. I have not fully understood yet, if the virtio
transportation mechanism is better/required here, or if we can/should
still use the existing i2c-dev character interface.

Other problems found

Here is a list of other problems I discovered which need addressing in
one way or the other:

* exclusive access to I2C devices

We currently don't have a way to mark devices as being "in use, don't
touch" from userspace. This could be added but we need to decide on the
transportation layer first (i2c-dev vs. virtio).

* no generic I2C master (at least for x86)

Unless I overlooked something, we currently can't simply add a new I2C
bus on x86 because there is no virtual hardware encoded just doing that.
I found patches for a USB-to-I2C bridge floating around. USB is nicely
generic, so probably worth evaluating those again if this task is to be

* re-definition of I2C_SLAVE

QEMU defines I2C_SLAVE as well as <linux/i2c-dev.h>. So, if that
interface is going to be used, we need something to fix this.

* likely improvements to the QEMU I2C core

From visual review, I am quite sure QEMU I2C core does not support
'repeated start' with the following message having a different I2C
destination address than the previous one. This is legal, but up to
now very rarely seen in practice. However, with devices becoming more
complex and those devices maybe being passed-through as well, more
improvements to the QEMU I2C core might be needed as well.


These are my finding regarding I2C device passthrough with QEMU. The
below patch is a very first step in the "full virtualization" direction
because it transports every read byte access directly to the host
(totally missing proper I2C start/stop/ack generation). Write byte
access is discarded here for security reasons. As described above, I
would not recommend this approach any further. My staring point now
would be a simplified virtio or virtio-alike device where the transfer
is passed-through as such to the host, and not split up into primitives.
So the patch itself is somehow already obsolete, but it served well for
gaining experience.

For the record, the description of my test procedure is here:

I will still be around for further discussion. I can't really tell,
though, if there will be a follow-up task for me to continue this.

Signed-off-by: Wolfram Sang <wsa+renesas@sang-engineering.com>
 hw/i2c/Makefile.objs |   2 +-
 hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c | 110 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 111 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100644 hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c

diff --git a/hw/i2c/Makefile.objs b/hw/i2c/Makefile.objs
index 37cacde978..d0cc08dd10 100644
--- a/hw/i2c/Makefile.objs
+++ b/hw/i2c/Makefile.objs
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-common-obj-$(CONFIG_I2C) += core.o smbus.o smbus_eeprom.o
+common-obj-$(CONFIG_I2C) += core.o smbus.o smbus_eeprom.o host-i2cdev.o
 common-obj-$(CONFIG_DDC) += i2c-ddc.o
 common-obj-$(CONFIG_VERSATILE_I2C) += versatile_i2c.o
 common-obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI_X86) += smbus_ich9.o
diff --git a/hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c b/hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..a7f2d549f1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c
@@ -0,0 +1,110 @@
+ * I2C device passthrough HACK
+ *
+ * Copyright (c) 2018 Wolfram Sang, Sang Engineering, Renesas Electronics
+ *
+ * This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.  See
+ * the LICENSE file in the top-level directory.
+ *
+ * Example to use:
+ *     -device host-i2cdev,address=0x64,file=/dev/i2c-0,hostaddr=0x50
+ */
+#include <sys/ioctl.h>
+#include "qemu/osdep.h"
+#include "qapi/error.h"
+#include "hw/hw.h"
+#include "hw/i2c/i2c.h"
+/* Ugh, problem! QEMU defines I2C_SLAVE, too */
+#undef I2C_SLAVE
+#include <linux/i2c.h>
+#include <linux/i2c-dev.h>
+#define ERR(FMT, ...) fprintf(stderr, TYPE_HOST_I2CDEV " : " FMT, \
+                            ## __VA_ARGS__)
+#define TYPE_HOST_I2CDEV "host-i2cdev"
+#define HOST_I2CDEV(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(HostI2CDevState, (obj), TYPE_HOST_I2CDEV)
+typedef struct HostI2CDevState {
+    I2CSlave parent_obj;
+    char *file;
+    int fd;
+    uint32_t hostaddr;
+} HostI2CDevState;
+static int host_i2cdev_recv(I2CSlave *s)
+    HostI2CDevState *i2cdev = HOST_I2CDEV(s);
+    union i2c_smbus_data data;
+    struct i2c_smbus_ioctl_data args = {
+        .read_write = I2C_SMBUS_READ,
+        .size = I2C_SMBUS_BYTE,
+        .data = &data,
+    };
+    int err;
+    err = ioctl(i2cdev->fd, I2C_SMBUS, &args);
+    return err == 0 ? data.byte : 0;
+static int host_i2cdev_send(I2CSlave *s, uint8_t data)
+    /* We don't support writes */
+    return -1;
+static int host_i2cdev_init(I2CSlave *i2c)
+    HostI2CDevState *i2cdev = HOST_I2CDEV(i2c);
+    if (!i2cdev->file) {
+        ERR("file is required!\n");
+        exit(1);
+    }
+    i2cdev->fd = qemu_open(i2cdev->file, O_RDWR);
+    if (i2cdev->fd < 0) {
+        ERR("file can't be opened!\n");
+        exit(1);
+    }
+    return ioctl(i2cdev->fd, I2C_SLAVE, i2cdev->hostaddr ?: i2c->address);
+static Property host_i2cdev_props[] = {
+    DEFINE_PROP_STRING("file", HostI2CDevState, file),
+    DEFINE_PROP_UINT32("hostaddr", HostI2CDevState, hostaddr, 0),
+static void host_i2cdev_class_init(ObjectClass *klass, void *data)
+    DeviceClass *dc = DEVICE_CLASS(klass);
+    I2CSlaveClass *k = I2C_SLAVE_CLASS(klass);
+    k->init = &host_i2cdev_init;
+    k->recv = &host_i2cdev_recv;
+    k->send = &host_i2cdev_send;
+    dc->props = host_i2cdev_props;
+const TypeInfo host_i2cdev_type = {
+    .name = TYPE_HOST_I2CDEV,
+    .parent = TYPE_I2C_SLAVE,
+    .instance_size = sizeof(HostI2CDevState),
+    .class_size = sizeof(I2CSlaveClass),
+    .class_init = host_i2cdev_class_init,
+static void host_i2cdev_register(void)
+    type_register_static(&host_i2cdev_type);

Re: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] i2c: device passthrough HACK(!) & evaluation

Posted by no-reply@patchew.org 31 weeks ago

This series failed docker-mingw@fedora build test. Please find the testing commands and
their output below. If you have Docker installed, you can probably reproduce it

Type: series
Message-id: 20180313200245.2350-1-wsa+renesas@sang-engineering.com
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] i2c: device passthrough HACK(!) & evaluation

set -e
git submodule update --init dtc
# Let docker tests dump environment info
export SHOW_ENV=1
export J=8
time make docker-test-mingw@fedora

Updating 3c8cf5a9c21ff8782164d1def7f44bd888713384
Switched to a new branch 'test'
7a638ffbc1 i2c: device passthrough HACK(!) & evaluation

Submodule 'dtc' (git://git.qemu-project.org/dtc.git) registered for path 'dtc'
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/dtc'...
Submodule path 'dtc': checked out 'e54388015af1fb4bf04d0bca99caba1074d9cc42'
  BUILD   fedora
make[1]: Entering directory '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src'
  GEN     /var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/docker-src.2018-03-13-
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/docker-src.2018-03-13-'...
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/test'.
Submodule 'dtc' (git://git.qemu-project.org/dtc.git) registered for path 'dtc'
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/docker-src.2018-03-13-'...
Submodule path 'dtc': checked out 'e54388015af1fb4bf04d0bca99caba1074d9cc42'
Submodule 'ui/keycodemapdb' (git://git.qemu.org/keycodemapdb.git) registered for path 'ui/keycodemapdb'
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/docker-src.2018-03-13-'...
Submodule path 'ui/keycodemapdb': checked out '6b3d716e2b6472eb7189d3220552280ef3d832ce'
    RUN test-mingw in qemu:fedora 
Packages installed:

Environment variables:
PACKAGES=ccache gettext git tar PyYAML sparse flex bison python3 bzip2 hostname     glib2-devel pixman-devel zlib-devel SDL-devel libfdt-devel     gcc gcc-c++ llvm clang make perl which bc findutils libaio-devel     nettle-devel libasan libubsan     mingw32-pixman mingw32-glib2 mingw32-gmp mingw32-SDL mingw32-pkg-config     mingw32-gtk2 mingw32-gtk3 mingw32-gnutls mingw32-nettle mingw32-libtasn1     mingw32-libjpeg-turbo mingw32-libpng mingw32-curl mingw32-libssh2     mingw32-bzip2     mingw64-pixman mingw64-glib2 mingw64-gmp mingw64-SDL mingw64-pkg-config     mingw64-gtk2 mingw64-gtk3 mingw64-gnutls mingw64-nettle mingw64-libtasn1     mingw64-libjpeg-turbo mingw64-libpng mingw64-curl mingw64-libssh2     mingw64-bzip2
FEATURES=mingw clang pyyaml asan dtc

Configure options:
--enable-werror --target-list=x86_64-softmmu,aarch64-softmmu --prefix=/tmp/qemu-test/install --python=/usr/bin/python3 --cross-prefix=x86_64-w64-mingw32- --enable-trace-backends=simple --enable-gnutls --enable-nettle --enable-curl --enable-vnc --enable-bzip2 --enable-guest-agent --with-sdlabi=1.2 --with-gtkabi=2.0
Install prefix    /tmp/qemu-test/install
BIOS directory    /tmp/qemu-test/install
firmware path     /tmp/qemu-test/install/share/qemu-firmware
binary directory  /tmp/qemu-test/install
library directory /tmp/qemu-test/install/lib
module directory  /tmp/qemu-test/install/lib
libexec directory /tmp/qemu-test/install/libexec
include directory /tmp/qemu-test/install/include
config directory  /tmp/qemu-test/install
local state directory   queried at runtime
Windows SDK       no
Source path       /tmp/qemu-test/src
GIT binary        git
GIT submodules    
C compiler        x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc
Host C compiler   cc
C++ compiler      x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++
Objective-C compiler clang
ARFLAGS           rv
QEMU_CFLAGS       -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include/pixman-1  -I$(SRC_PATH)/dtc/libfdt -Werror -DHAS_LIBSSH2_SFTP_FSYNC -mms-bitfields -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include  -m64 -mcx16 -mthreads -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 -DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN -DWINVER=0x501 -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -Wstrict-prototypes -Wredundant-decls -Wall -Wundef -Wwrite-strings -Wmissing-prototypes -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -fwrapv  -Wexpansion-to-defined -Wendif-labels -Wno-shift-negative-value -Wno-missing-include-dirs -Wempty-body -Wnested-externs -Wformat-security -Wformat-y2k -Winit-self -Wignored-qualifiers -Wold-style-declaration -Wold-style-definition -Wtype-limits -fstack-protector-strong -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include/p11-kit-1 -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include  -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include   -I/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/include/libpng16 
LDFLAGS           -Wl,--nxcompat -Wl,--no-seh -Wl,--dynamicbase -Wl,--warn-common -m64 -g 
make              make
install           install
python            /usr/bin/python3 -B
smbd              /usr/sbin/smbd
module support    no
host CPU          x86_64
host big endian   no
target list       x86_64-softmmu aarch64-softmmu
gprof enabled     no
sparse enabled    no
strip binaries    yes
profiler          no
static build      no
SDL support       yes (1.2.15)
GTK support       yes (2.24.31)
GTK GL support    no
VTE support       no 
TLS priority      NORMAL
GNUTLS support    yes
GNUTLS rnd        yes
libgcrypt         no
libgcrypt kdf     no
nettle            yes (3.3)
nettle kdf        yes
libtasn1          yes
curses support    no
virgl support     no
curl support      yes
mingw32 support   yes
Audio drivers     dsound
Block whitelist (rw) 
Block whitelist (ro) 
VirtFS support    no
Multipath support no
VNC support       yes
VNC SASL support  no
VNC JPEG support  yes
VNC PNG support   yes
xen support       no
brlapi support    no
bluez  support    no
Documentation     no
PIE               no
vde support       no
netmap support    no
Linux AIO support no
ATTR/XATTR support no
Install blobs     yes
KVM support       no
HAX support       yes
HVF support       no
WHPX support      no
TCG support       yes
TCG debug enabled no
TCG interpreter   no
malloc trim support no
RDMA support      no
fdt support       yes
preadv support    no
fdatasync         no
madvise           no
posix_madvise     no
posix_memalign    no
libcap-ng support no
vhost-net support no
vhost-crypto support no
vhost-scsi support no
vhost-vsock support no
vhost-user support no
Trace backends    simple
Trace output file trace-<pid>
spice support     no 
rbd support       no
xfsctl support    no
smartcard support no
libusb            no
usb net redir     no
OpenGL support    no
OpenGL dmabufs    no
libiscsi support  no
libnfs support    no
build guest agent yes
QGA VSS support   no
QGA w32 disk info yes
QGA MSI support   no
seccomp support   no
coroutine backend win32
coroutine pool    yes
debug stack usage no
crypto afalg      no
GlusterFS support no
gcov              gcov
gcov enabled      no
TPM support       yes
libssh2 support   yes
TPM passthrough   no
TPM emulator      no
QOM debugging     yes
Live block migration yes
lzo support       no
snappy support    no
bzip2 support     yes
NUMA host support no
libxml2           no
tcmalloc support  no
jemalloc support  no
avx2 optimization yes
replication support yes
VxHS block device no
capstone          no

WARNING: Use of GTK 2.0 is deprecated and will be removed in
WARNING: future releases. Please switch to using GTK 3.0

WARNING: Use of SDL 1.2 is deprecated and will be removed in
WARNING: future releases. Please switch to using SDL 2.0
mkdir -p dtc/libfdt
mkdir -p dtc/tests
  GEN     x86_64-softmmu/config-devices.mak.tmp
  GEN     aarch64-softmmu/config-devices.mak.tmp
  GEN     config-host.h
  GEN     qapi-gen
  GEN     qemu-options.def
  GEN     trace/generated-helpers-wrappers.h
  GEN     trace/generated-tcg-tracers.h
  GEN     trace/generated-helpers.h
  GEN     trace/generated-helpers.c
  GEN     x86_64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
  GEN     aarch64-softmmu/config-devices.mak
  GEN     module_block.h
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-atset1-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-atset1.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-linux-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-atset2.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-atset3.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-linux.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-qnum.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qcode-to-sun.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-qnum-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-usb-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-win32-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-x11-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-xorgevdev-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-xorgkbd-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-xorgxquartz-to-qcode.c
  GEN     ui/input-keymap-xorgxwin-to-qcode.c
  GEN     tests/test-qapi-gen
  GEN     trace-root.h
  GEN     util/trace.h
  GEN     crypto/trace.h
  GEN     io/trace.h
  GEN     migration/trace.h
  GEN     block/trace.h
  GEN     chardev/trace.h
  GEN     hw/block/trace.h
  GEN     hw/block/dataplane/trace.h
  GEN     hw/char/trace.h
  GEN     hw/intc/trace.h
  GEN     hw/net/trace.h
  GEN     hw/rdma/trace.h
  GEN     hw/rdma/vmw/trace.h
  GEN     hw/virtio/trace.h
  GEN     hw/audio/trace.h
  GEN     hw/misc/trace.h
  GEN     hw/misc/macio/trace.h
  GEN     hw/usb/trace.h
  GEN     hw/scsi/trace.h
  GEN     hw/nvram/trace.h
  GEN     hw/display/trace.h
  GEN     hw/input/trace.h
  GEN     hw/timer/trace.h
  GEN     hw/dma/trace.h
  GEN     hw/sparc/trace.h
  GEN     hw/sparc64/trace.h
  GEN     hw/sd/trace.h
  GEN     hw/isa/trace.h
  GEN     hw/mem/trace.h
  GEN     hw/i386/trace.h
  GEN     hw/i386/xen/trace.h
  GEN     hw/9pfs/trace.h
  GEN     hw/ppc/trace.h
  GEN     hw/pci/trace.h
  GEN     hw/pci-host/trace.h
  GEN     hw/s390x/trace.h
  GEN     hw/vfio/trace.h
  GEN     hw/acpi/trace.h
  GEN     hw/arm/trace.h
  GEN     hw/alpha/trace.h
  GEN     hw/hppa/trace.h
  GEN     hw/xen/trace.h
  GEN     hw/ide/trace.h
  GEN     hw/tpm/trace.h
  GEN     ui/trace.h
  GEN     audio/trace.h
  GEN     net/trace.h
  GEN     target/arm/trace.h
  GEN     target/i386/trace.h
  GEN     target/mips/trace.h
  GEN     target/sparc/trace.h
  GEN     target/s390x/trace.h
  GEN     target/ppc/trace.h
  GEN     qom/trace.h
  GEN     linux-user/trace.h
  GEN     qapi/trace.h
  GEN     accel/tcg/trace.h
  GEN     accel/kvm/trace.h
  GEN     nbd/trace.h
  GEN     scsi/trace.h
  GEN     trace-root.c
  GEN     util/trace.c
  GEN     crypto/trace.c
  GEN     io/trace.c
  GEN     migration/trace.c
  GEN     block/trace.c
  GEN     chardev/trace.c
  GEN     hw/block/trace.c
  GEN     hw/block/dataplane/trace.c
  GEN     hw/char/trace.c
  GEN     hw/intc/trace.c
  GEN     hw/net/trace.c
  GEN     hw/rdma/trace.c
  GEN     hw/rdma/vmw/trace.c
  GEN     hw/virtio/trace.c
  GEN     hw/audio/trace.c
  GEN     hw/misc/trace.c
  GEN     hw/misc/macio/trace.c
  GEN     hw/usb/trace.c
  GEN     hw/scsi/trace.c
  GEN     hw/nvram/trace.c
  GEN     hw/display/trace.c
  GEN     hw/input/trace.c
  GEN     hw/timer/trace.c
  GEN     hw/dma/trace.c
  GEN     hw/sparc/trace.c
  GEN     hw/sparc64/trace.c
  GEN     hw/sd/trace.c
  GEN     hw/isa/trace.c
  GEN     hw/mem/trace.c
  GEN     hw/i386/trace.c
  GEN     hw/i386/xen/trace.c
  GEN     hw/9pfs/trace.c
  GEN     hw/ppc/trace.c
  GEN     hw/pci/trace.c
  GEN     hw/pci-host/trace.c
  GEN     hw/s390x/trace.c
  GEN     hw/vfio/trace.c
  GEN     hw/acpi/trace.c
  GEN     hw/arm/trace.c
  GEN     hw/alpha/trace.c
  GEN     hw/hppa/trace.c
  GEN     hw/xen/trace.c
  GEN     hw/ide/trace.c
  GEN     hw/tpm/trace.c
  GEN     ui/trace.c
  GEN     audio/trace.c
  GEN     net/trace.c
  GEN     target/arm/trace.c
  GEN     target/i386/trace.c
  GEN     target/mips/trace.c
  GEN     target/sparc/trace.c
  GEN     target/s390x/trace.c
  GEN     target/ppc/trace.c
  GEN     qom/trace.c
  GEN     linux-user/trace.c
  GEN     qapi/trace.c
  GEN     accel/tcg/trace.c
  GEN     accel/kvm/trace.c
  GEN     nbd/trace.c
  GEN     scsi/trace.c
  GEN     config-all-devices.mak
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/dumptrees.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/trees.S
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/testutils.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/value-labels.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/asm_tree_dump.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/check_path.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/truncated_property.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/overlay_bad_fixup.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/overlay.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/subnode_iterate.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/property_iterate.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/integer-expressions.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/utilfdt_test.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/path_offset_aliases.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/add_subnode_with_nops.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/dtbs_equal_unordered.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/dtb_reverse.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/dtbs_equal_ordered.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/extra-terminating-null.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/incbin.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/boot-cpuid.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/phandle_format.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/path-references.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/references.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/string_escapes.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/propname_escapes.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/appendprop1.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/appendprop2.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/del_node.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/del_property.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/setprop.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/set_name.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/rw_tree1.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/open_pack.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/nopulate.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/mangle-layout.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/move_and_save.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/sw_tree1.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/nop_node.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/nop_property.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/setprop_inplace.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/stringlist.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/addr_size_cells.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/notfound.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/sized_cells.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/char_literal.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/get_alias.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/node_check_compatible.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/node_offset_by_compatible.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/node_offset_by_phandle.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/node_offset_by_prop_value.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/parent_offset.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/supernode_atdepth_offset.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/get_path.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/get_phandle.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/getprop.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/get_name.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/subnode_offset.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/find_property.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/path_offset.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/root_node.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_overlay.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/tests/get_mem_rsv.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_addresses.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_empty_tree.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_strerror.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_rw.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_ro.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_sw.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt_wip.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/libfdt/fdt.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/util.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/fdtoverlay.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/fdtput.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/fdtget.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/fdtdump.c
	 LEX convert-dtsv0-lexer.lex.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/srcpos.c
	 BISON dtc-parser.tab.c
	 LEX dtc-lexer.lex.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/treesource.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/livetree.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/fstree.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/flattree.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/dtc.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/data.c
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/checks.c
	 DEP convert-dtsv0-lexer.lex.c
	 DEP dtc-parser.tab.c
	 DEP dtc-lexer.lex.c
	CHK version_gen.h
	UPD version_gen.h
	 DEP /tmp/qemu-test/src/dtc/util.c
	 CC libfdt/fdt.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_ro.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_sw.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_wip.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_rw.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_strerror.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_empty_tree.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_addresses.o
	 CC libfdt/fdt_overlay.o
	 AR libfdt/libfdt.a
x86_64-w64-mingw32-ar: creating libfdt/libfdt.a
a - libfdt/fdt.o
a - libfdt/fdt_ro.o
a - libfdt/fdt_wip.o
a - libfdt/fdt_sw.o
a - libfdt/fdt_rw.o
a - libfdt/fdt_strerror.o
a - libfdt/fdt_empty_tree.o
a - libfdt/fdt_addresses.o
a - libfdt/fdt_overlay.o
  RC      version.o
mkdir -p dtc/libfdt
mkdir -p dtc/tests
  GEN     qga/qapi-generated/qapi-gen
  CC      qapi/qapi-types.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-block-core.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-block.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-builtin-types.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-char.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-common.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-crypto.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-introspect.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-migration.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-misc.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-net.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-rocker.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-run-state.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-sockets.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-tpm.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-trace.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-transaction.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-types-ui.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-builtin-visit.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-block-core.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-block.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-char.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-common.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-crypto.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-introspect.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-migration.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-misc.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-net.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-rocker.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-run-state.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-tpm.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-sockets.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-trace.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-transaction.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-ui.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-block-core.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-block.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-char.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-common.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-crypto.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-introspect.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-migration.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-misc.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-net.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-rocker.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-run-state.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-sockets.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-trace.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-tpm.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-transaction.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-events-ui.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-introspect.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-visit-core.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-dealloc-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qobject-input-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qobject-output-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qmp-registry.o
  CC      qapi/string-input-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qmp-dispatch.o
  CC      qapi/string-output-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/opts-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-clone-visitor.o
  CC      qapi/qmp-event.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-util.o
  CC      qobject/qnull.o
  CC      qobject/qnum.o
  CC      qobject/qstring.o
  CC      qobject/qdict.o
  CC      qobject/qlist.o
  CC      qobject/qbool.o
  CC      qobject/qjson.o
  CC      qobject/qlit.o
  CC      qobject/qobject.o
  CC      qobject/json-lexer.o
  CC      qobject/json-streamer.o
  CC      qobject/json-parser.o
  CC      trace/simple.o
  CC      trace/control.o
  CC      trace/qmp.o
  CC      util/osdep.o
  CC      util/cutils.o
  CC      util/unicode.o
  CC      util/qemu-timer-common.o
  CC      util/bufferiszero.o
  CC      util/lockcnt.o
  CC      util/aiocb.o
  CC      util/async.o
  CC      util/aio-wait.o
  CC      util/thread-pool.o
  CC      util/qemu-timer.o
  CC      util/main-loop.o
  CC      util/iohandler.o
  CC      util/aio-win32.o
  CC      util/event_notifier-win32.o
  CC      util/oslib-win32.o
  CC      util/qemu-thread-win32.o
  CC      util/envlist.o
  CC      util/path.o
  CC      util/module.o
  CC      util/host-utils.o
  CC      util/bitmap.o
  CC      util/bitops.o
  CC      util/hbitmap.o
  CC      util/fifo8.o
  CC      util/acl.o
  CC      util/cacheinfo.o
  CC      util/qemu-error.o
  CC      util/error.o
  CC      util/id.o
  CC      util/iov.o
  CC      util/qemu-config.o
  CC      util/qemu-sockets.o
  CC      util/uri.o
  CC      util/notify.o
  CC      util/qemu-option.o
  CC      util/qemu-progress.o
  CC      util/keyval.o
  CC      util/hexdump.o
  CC      util/crc32c.o
  CC      util/uuid.o
  CC      util/throttle.o
  CC      util/getauxval.o
  CC      util/readline.o
  CC      util/rcu.o
  CC      util/qemu-coroutine.o
  CC      util/qemu-coroutine-lock.o
  CC      util/qemu-coroutine-io.o
  CC      util/coroutine-win32.o
  CC      util/qemu-coroutine-sleep.o
  CC      util/buffer.o
  CC      util/timed-average.o
  CC      util/base64.o
  CC      util/log.o
  CC      util/pagesize.o
  CC      util/qdist.o
  CC      util/qht.o
  CC      util/range.o
  CC      util/stats64.o
  CC      util/systemd.o
  CC      trace-root.o
  CC      util/trace.o
  CC      crypto/trace.o
  CC      io/trace.o
  CC      migration/trace.o
  CC      block/trace.o
  CC      chardev/trace.o
  CC      hw/block/trace.o
  CC      hw/block/dataplane/trace.o
  CC      hw/intc/trace.o
  CC      hw/char/trace.o
  CC      hw/net/trace.o
  CC      hw/rdma/trace.o
  CC      hw/rdma/vmw/trace.o
  CC      hw/virtio/trace.o
  CC      hw/audio/trace.o
  CC      hw/misc/trace.o
  CC      hw/misc/macio/trace.o
  CC      hw/usb/trace.o
  CC      hw/scsi/trace.o
  CC      hw/nvram/trace.o
  CC      hw/display/trace.o
  CC      hw/input/trace.o
  CC      hw/timer/trace.o
  CC      hw/dma/trace.o
  CC      hw/sparc/trace.o
  CC      hw/sparc64/trace.o
  CC      hw/sd/trace.o
  CC      hw/isa/trace.o
  CC      hw/mem/trace.o
  CC      hw/i386/trace.o
  CC      hw/i386/xen/trace.o
  CC      hw/9pfs/trace.o
  CC      hw/ppc/trace.o
  CC      hw/pci/trace.o
  CC      hw/pci-host/trace.o
  CC      hw/s390x/trace.o
  CC      hw/vfio/trace.o
  CC      hw/acpi/trace.o
  CC      hw/arm/trace.o
  CC      hw/alpha/trace.o
  CC      hw/hppa/trace.o
  CC      hw/xen/trace.o
  CC      hw/ide/trace.o
  CC      hw/tpm/trace.o
  CC      audio/trace.o
  CC      ui/trace.o
  CC      net/trace.o
  CC      target/arm/trace.o
  CC      target/i386/trace.o
  CC      target/mips/trace.o
  CC      target/sparc/trace.o
  CC      target/s390x/trace.o
  CC      target/ppc/trace.o
  CC      qom/trace.o
  CC      linux-user/trace.o
  CC      qapi/trace.o
  CC      accel/tcg/trace.o
  CC      accel/kvm/trace.o
  CC      nbd/trace.o
  CC      scsi/trace.o
  CC      crypto/pbkdf-stub.o
  CC      stubs/arch-query-cpu-def.o
  CC      stubs/arch-query-cpu-model-expansion.o
  CC      stubs/arch-query-cpu-model-comparison.o
  CC      stubs/arch-query-cpu-model-baseline.o
  CC      stubs/bdrv-next-monitor-owned.o
  CC      stubs/blk-commit-all.o
  CC      stubs/blockdev-close-all-bdrv-states.o
  CC      stubs/clock-warp.o
  CC      stubs/cpu-get-clock.o
  CC      stubs/cpu-get-icount.o
  CC      stubs/dump.o
  CC      stubs/error-printf.o
  CC      stubs/fdset.o
  CC      stubs/gdbstub.o
  CC      stubs/get-vm-name.o
  CC      stubs/iothread.o
  CC      stubs/iothread-lock.o
  CC      stubs/machine-init-done.o
  CC      stubs/is-daemonized.o
  CC      stubs/migr-blocker.o
  CC      stubs/change-state-handler.o
  CC      stubs/monitor.o
  CC      stubs/notify-event.o
  CC      stubs/qtest.o
  CC      stubs/replay.o
  CC      stubs/runstate-check.o
  CC      stubs/set-fd-handler.o
  CC      stubs/slirp.o
  CC      stubs/sysbus.o
  CC      stubs/tpm.o
  CC      stubs/trace-control.o
  CC      stubs/uuid.o
  CC      stubs/vm-stop.o
  CC      stubs/vmstate.o
  CC      stubs/fd-register.o
  CC      stubs/qmp_pc_dimm.o
  CC      stubs/target-monitor-defs.o
  CC      stubs/target-get-monitor-def.o
  CC      stubs/pc_madt_cpu_entry.o
  CC      stubs/vmgenid.o
  CC      stubs/xen-common.o
  CC      stubs/xen-hvm.o
  CC      stubs/pci-host-piix.o
  CC      stubs/ram-block.o
  GEN     qemu-img-cmds.h
  CC      block.o
  CC      blockjob.o
  CC      qemu-io-cmds.o
  CC      replication.o
  CC      block/raw-format.o
  CC      block/qcow.o
  CC      block/vdi.o
  CC      block/vmdk.o
  CC      block/cloop.o
  CC      block/bochs.o
  CC      block/vpc.o
  CC      block/vvfat.o
  CC      block/dmg.o
  CC      block/qcow2.o
  CC      block/qcow2-refcount.o
  CC      block/qcow2-snapshot.o
  CC      block/qcow2-cluster.o
  CC      block/qcow2-cache.o
  CC      block/qcow2-bitmap.o
  CC      block/qed.o
  CC      block/qed-l2-cache.o
  CC      block/qed-table.o
  CC      block/qed-cluster.o
  CC      block/qed-check.o
  CC      block/vhdx.o
  CC      block/vhdx-endian.o
  CC      block/vhdx-log.o
  CC      block/quorum.o
  CC      block/parallels.o
  CC      block/blkdebug.o
  CC      block/blkverify.o
  CC      block/blkreplay.o
  CC      block/block-backend.o
  CC      block/snapshot.o
  CC      block/qapi.o
  CC      block/file-win32.o
  CC      block/win32-aio.o
  CC      block/null.o
  CC      block/mirror.o
  CC      block/commit.o
  CC      block/io.o
  CC      block/create.o
  CC      block/throttle-groups.o
  CC      block/nbd.o
  CC      block/nbd-client.o
  CC      block/sheepdog.o
  CC      block/accounting.o
  CC      block/dirty-bitmap.o
  CC      block/write-threshold.o
  CC      block/backup.o
  CC      block/replication.o
  CC      block/throttle.o
  CC      block/crypto.o
  CC      nbd/server.o
  CC      nbd/client.o
  CC      nbd/common.o
  CC      scsi/utils.o
  CC      block/curl.o
  CC      block/ssh.o
  CC      block/dmg-bz2.o
  CC      crypto/init.o
  CC      crypto/hash.o
  CC      crypto/hash-nettle.o
  CC      crypto/hmac.o
  CC      crypto/hmac-nettle.o
  CC      crypto/aes.o
  CC      crypto/desrfb.o
  CC      crypto/cipher.o
  CC      crypto/tlscreds.o
  CC      crypto/tlscredsanon.o
  CC      crypto/tlscredsx509.o
  CC      crypto/tlssession.o
  CC      crypto/secret.o
  CC      crypto/random-gnutls.o
  CC      crypto/pbkdf.o
  CC      crypto/pbkdf-nettle.o
  CC      crypto/ivgen.o
  CC      crypto/ivgen-essiv.o
  CC      crypto/ivgen-plain.o
  CC      crypto/ivgen-plain64.o
  CC      crypto/afsplit.o
  CC      crypto/xts.o
  CC      crypto/block.o
  CC      crypto/block-qcow.o
  CC      crypto/block-luks.o
  CC      io/channel.o
  CC      io/channel-buffer.o
  CC      io/channel-command.o
  CC      io/channel-file.o
  CC      io/channel-socket.o
  CC      io/channel-tls.o
  CC      io/channel-watch.o
  CC      io/channel-websock.o
  CC      io/channel-util.o
  CC      io/dns-resolver.o
  CC      io/net-listener.o
  CC      io/task.o
  CC      qom/object.o
  CC      qom/container.o
  CC      qom/qom-qobject.o
  CC      qom/object_interfaces.o
  CC      qemu-io.o
  CC      blockdev.o
  CC      blockdev-nbd.o
  CC      bootdevice.o
  CC      iothread.o
  CC      qdev-monitor.o
  CC      device-hotplug.o
  CC      os-win32.o
  CC      bt-host.o
  CC      bt-vhci.o
  CC      dma-helpers.o
  CC      vl.o
  CC      tpm.o
  CC      device_tree.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-block-core.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-block.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-char.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-common.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-crypto.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-introspect.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-migration.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-misc.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-net.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-rocker.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-run-state.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-sockets.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-tpm.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-trace.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-transaction.o
  CC      qapi/qapi-commands-ui.o
  CC      qmp.o
  CC      hmp.o
  CC      cpus-common.o
  CC      audio/audio.o
  CC      audio/noaudio.o
  CC      audio/wavaudio.o
  CC      audio/mixeng.o
  CC      audio/dsoundaudio.o
  CC      audio/audio_win_int.o
  CC      audio/wavcapture.o
  CC      backends/rng.o
  CC      backends/rng-egd.o
  CC      backends/tpm.o
  CC      backends/hostmem.o
  CC      backends/hostmem-ram.o
  CC      backends/cryptodev.o
  CC      backends/cryptodev-builtin.o
  CC      backends/cryptodev-vhost.o
  CC      block/stream.o
  CC      chardev/msmouse.o
  CC      chardev/wctablet.o
  CC      chardev/testdev.o
  CC      disas/arm.o
  CXX     disas/arm-a64.o
  CC      disas/i386.o
  CXX     disas/libvixl/vixl/utils.o
  CXX     disas/libvixl/vixl/compiler-intrinsics.o
  CXX     disas/libvixl/vixl/a64/instructions-a64.o
  CXX     disas/libvixl/vixl/a64/decoder-a64.o
  CXX     disas/libvixl/vixl/a64/disasm-a64.o
  CC      hw/acpi/core.o
  CC      hw/acpi/piix4.o
  CC      hw/acpi/pcihp.o
  CC      hw/acpi/ich9.o
  CC      hw/acpi/tco.o
  CC      hw/acpi/cpu_hotplug.o
  CC      hw/acpi/memory_hotplug.o
  CC      hw/acpi/nvdimm.o
  CC      hw/acpi/cpu.o
  CC      hw/acpi/vmgenid.o
  CC      hw/acpi/acpi_interface.o
  CC      hw/acpi/bios-linker-loader.o
  CC      hw/acpi/aml-build.o
  CC      hw/acpi/ipmi.o
  CC      hw/acpi/acpi-stub.o
  CC      hw/acpi/ipmi-stub.o
  CC      hw/audio/sb16.o
  CC      hw/audio/es1370.o
  CC      hw/audio/ac97.o
  CC      hw/audio/fmopl.o
  CC      hw/audio/adlib.o
  CC      hw/audio/gus.o
  CC      hw/audio/gusemu_hal.o
  CC      hw/audio/gusemu_mixer.o
  CC      hw/audio/cs4231a.o
  CC      hw/audio/intel-hda.o
  CC      hw/audio/hda-codec.o
  CC      hw/audio/pcspk.o
  CC      hw/audio/wm8750.o
  CC      hw/audio/pl041.o
  CC      hw/audio/lm4549.o
  CC      hw/audio/marvell_88w8618.o
  CC      hw/audio/soundhw.o
  CC      hw/block/block.o
  CC      hw/block/cdrom.o
  CC      hw/block/hd-geometry.o
  CC      hw/block/fdc.o
  CC      hw/block/m25p80.o
  CC      hw/block/nand.o
  CC      hw/block/pflash_cfi01.o
  CC      hw/block/pflash_cfi02.o
  CC      hw/block/ecc.o
  CC      hw/block/onenand.o
  CC      hw/bt/core.o
  CC      hw/block/nvme.o
  CC      hw/bt/l2cap.o
  CC      hw/bt/sdp.o
  CC      hw/bt/hci.o
  CC      hw/bt/hid.o
  CC      hw/bt/hci-csr.o
  CC      hw/char/ipoctal232.o
  CC      hw/char/parallel.o
  CC      hw/char/pl011.o
  CC      hw/char/serial.o
  CC      hw/char/serial-isa.o
  CC      hw/char/serial-pci.o
  CC      hw/char/virtio-console.o
  CC      hw/char/cadence_uart.o
  CC      hw/char/cmsdk-apb-uart.o
  CC      hw/char/debugcon.o
  CC      hw/char/imx_serial.o
  CC      hw/core/qdev.o
  CC      hw/core/qdev-properties.o
  CC      hw/core/bus.o
  CC      hw/core/reset.o
  CC      hw/core/qdev-fw.o
  CC      hw/core/fw-path-provider.o
  CC      hw/core/irq.o
  CC      hw/core/hotplug.o
  CC      hw/core/nmi.o
  CC      hw/core/stream.o
  CC      hw/core/ptimer.o
  CC      hw/core/sysbus.o
  CC      hw/core/machine.o
  CC      hw/core/loader.o
  CC      hw/core/qdev-properties-system.o
  CC      hw/core/register.o
  CC      hw/core/or-irq.o
  CC      hw/core/split-irq.o
  CC      hw/core/platform-bus.o
  CC      hw/cpu/core.o
  CC      hw/display/ads7846.o
  CC      hw/display/cirrus_vga.o
  CC      hw/display/pl110.o
  CC      hw/display/sii9022.o
  CC      hw/display/ssd0303.o
  CC      hw/display/ssd0323.o
  CC      hw/display/vga-pci.o
  CC      hw/display/vga-isa.o
  CC      hw/display/vmware_vga.o
  CC      hw/display/blizzard.o
  CC      hw/display/exynos4210_fimd.o
  CC      hw/display/framebuffer.o
  CC      hw/display/tc6393xb.o
  CC      hw/dma/pl080.o
  CC      hw/dma/pl330.o
  CC      hw/dma/i8257.o
  CC      hw/dma/xilinx_axidma.o
  CC      hw/dma/xlnx-zynq-devcfg.o
  CC      hw/gpio/max7310.o
  CC      hw/gpio/pl061.o
  CC      hw/gpio/zaurus.o
  CC      hw/gpio/gpio_key.o
  CC      hw/i2c/core.o
  CC      hw/i2c/smbus.o
  CC      hw/i2c/smbus_eeprom.o
  CC      hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.o
  CC      hw/i2c/i2c-ddc.o
  CC      hw/i2c/versatile_i2c.o
  CC      hw/i2c/smbus_ich9.o
  CC      hw/i2c/pm_smbus.o
  CC      hw/i2c/bitbang_i2c.o
/tmp/qemu-test/src/hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.c:13:10: fatal error: sys/ioctl.h: No such file or directory
 #include <sys/ioctl.h>
compilation terminated.
make: *** [/tmp/qemu-test/src/rules.mak:66: hw/i2c/host-i2cdev.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./tests/docker/docker.py", line 407, in <module>
  File "./tests/docker/docker.py", line 404, in main
    return args.cmdobj.run(args, argv)
  File "./tests/docker/docker.py", line 261, in run
    return Docker().run(argv, args.keep, quiet=args.quiet)
  File "./tests/docker/docker.py", line 229, in run
  File "./tests/docker/docker.py", line 147, in _do_check
    return subprocess.check_call(self._command + cmd, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 186, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['docker', 'run', '--label', 'com.qemu.instance.uuid=0e77b03226fa11e89b4252540069c830', '-u', '0', '--security-opt', 'seccomp=unconfined', '--rm', '--net=none', '-e', 'TARGET_LIST=', '-e', 'EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTS=', '-e', 'V=', '-e', 'J=8', '-e', 'DEBUG=', '-e', 'SHOW_ENV=1', '-e', 'CCACHE_DIR=/var/tmp/ccache', '-v', '/root/.cache/qemu-docker-ccache:/var/tmp/ccache:z', '-v', '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src/docker-src.2018-03-13-,ro', 'qemu:fedora', '/var/tmp/qemu/run', 'test-mingw']' returned non-zero exit status 2
make[1]: *** [tests/docker/Makefile.include:129: docker-run] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-nkgm8s_c/src'
make: *** [tests/docker/Makefile.include:163: docker-run-test-mingw@fedora] Error 2

real	1m58.683s
user	0m4.707s
sys	0m3.907s
=== OUTPUT END ===

Test command exited with code: 2

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