[edk2-devel] [PATCH v2 00/17] OvmfPkg: Support booting from VMware PVSCSI controller

Liran Alon posted 17 patches 1 week ago
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[edk2-devel] [PATCH v2 00/17] OvmfPkg: Support booting from VMware PVSCSI controller

Posted by Liran Alon 1 week ago

This series adds driver support for VMware PVSCSI controller.

This controller is supported by VMware and QEMU. This work is part of
the more general agenda of enhancing OVMF boot device support to have
feature parity with SeaBIOS (Which supports booting from VMware PVSCSI).

I pushed a copy of these (v2) patches to https://github.com/nikital/edk2/tree/pvscsi5
The v1 patches can be found at https://github.com/nikital/edk2/tree/pvscsi4


* Removed Nikita’s Reviewed-By tags. [Laszlo]
* Renamed PvScsi.inf to PvScsiDxe.inf and fixed references from all DSC files. [Laszlo]
* Changed “!ifdef $(PVSCSI_ENABLE)” in DSC files to “!if $(PVSCSI_ENABLE) == TRUE”. [Laszlo]
* Fix Identation in various places. [Laszlo]
* Added “#include <Uefi/UefiSpec.h>” for EFI_SYSTEM_TABLE. [Laszlo]
* Fix various typos. [Laszlo]
* Made “STATIC” on same line of object delcerations. [Laszlo]
* Added Laszlo’s Reviewed-by tags on some patches. [Laszlo]
* Added missing spaces before “(“ on various function calls. [Laszlo]
* Added PvScsi.h header file to INF [Sources] section. [Laszlo]
* Changed [Protocols] section in INF file to be lexicographically sorted. [Laszlo]
* Changed [PCDs] section in INF file to be lexigraphically sorted. [Laszlo]
* Fixed function comments blocks to be “/** **/” instead of “//” style. [Laszlo]
* Changed PvScsiGetTargetLun() to ZeroMem() all target bytes except first one. [Laszlo]
* Replaced “IOSpace” with “MMIO-Space” in comments. [Laszlo]
* Changed enums to match EDK2 coding convention. [Laszlo]
* Use PCI_BAR_IDX0 instead of hard-coded 0. [Laszlo]
* Use EFI_PAGES_TO_SIZE() instead of manually multiplying with EFI_PAGE_SIZE. [Laszlo]
* Use RShiftU64() to shift UINT64 vars. [Laszlo]
* Changed ReqNumEntries var to UINT32 and shift to use “1U <<” instead of “1 <<”. [Laszlo]
* Changed condition on flag (In PvScsiWaitForRequestCompletion()) to be a boolean expression. [Laszlo]
* Replaced “FakeHostAdapterError” label with a utility function. [Laszlo]
* Added debug message to PvScsiExitBoot() to assist debugging. [Laszlo]
* Fixed resource management to make each function either completely succeed or completely fail and free all resources. [Laszlo]
* Changed PvScsiWriteCmdDesc() to use EfiPciIoWidthFifoUint32. [Laszlo]
* Changed PvScsiWriteCmdDesc() prototype to make clear it descriptor must be an array of words. [Laszlo]

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