[PATCH 0/3] firmware/shim: build adjustments

Jan Beulich posted 3 patches 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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[PATCH 0/3] firmware/shim: build adjustments

Posted by Jan Beulich 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Originally I meant to finally get v2 of "firmware/shim: honor symlinks
during Xen tree setup" sorted. However, the suggestion to use find's
-L option, while a suitable equivalent of the -xtype primary, has the
same drawback: It doesn't distinguish between relative and absolute
symlinks (and we specifically want to skip relative ones). Locally I'm
using '(' -type f -o -lname '/*' ')' now, but -lname again being non-
standard I didn't think it would even be worth submitting. While
looking into that I did notice a few other anomalies, though, which
this series tries to address.

I notice tools/firmware/xen-dir/ isn't included in "X86 ARCHITECTURE".
I wonder whether that should be added.

1: update linkfarm exclusions
2: drop XEN_CONFIG_EXPERT uses